Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where to find such guy huh?

Friend send 10 Ways To Win Her Heart article to me even i am married for 13 years. Interesting.

I sometimes observed a couple, the girl very pretty, good figure and very chio BUT hor ….. the man besides her, Wa-lau, not good looking leh. I wondered how then can a man attract a woman. What points will u consider when u look for a husband?

Well, that articles tell us some points from the world’s prospective.

IMHO, I listed my points:-

1. Spiritual
2. Handsome Face
3. Rich
4. Muscular Body
5. Able to Sweet Talk
6. A good Cook
7. Musical Talent - Able to play guitar, piano, violin etc
8. Able to sing
9. Big Expensive Car
10. Humorous
11. Smart
12. Caring

Hmmn, let me see when I was young, how many of the above points do I have:-

1. Spiritual : I became a Christian when I was in Poly, young and green . NO

2. Handsome Face : not very handsome la. NO

3. Rich : Young time where got money? Always money not enough. 没有

4. Muscular Body : before army where got solid muscle with 6-pack?? BO

5. Sweet Talk : so shy !! can’t even talk in front of girl. NO

6. Good Cook : Can only cook egg. FAIL

7. Musical Talent : start learning guitar in poly. Only know Em and Am chord then. Now better already after so much coaching from Edwin and Marcus. YES ? OK la

8. Able to sing : Can sing but sometime need ladder to reach high note. YES

9. Big Expensive Car : Young time where got money to buy car, big bus can or not? FAIL

10. Humorous : some people say that I am witty. Chim – (last time england no good, quickly check )- is a form of intellectual humor. A wit is someone skilled in making witty remarks, typically in conversation and spontaneously- OK

11. Smart : Don't think so … but no sub paper during poly. average IQ only. NO

12. Caring : Hmmn maybe I was caring towards my cha-bo-lang, this one must ask her .

So, looking at all 12 points, me maybe got 4/12. What yrs or yr man score? I think Edmund score is 10/12 ..

Whether handsome, caring or not… One thing I know is 情人眼里出西施.


Blogger dorcas said...

william jus got passing marks oni, 6/12... heeee...! but he's really such a sweet guy to me...*blush*...

Thursday, August 24, 2006 4:56:00 PM  
Blogger jOHnsOn 强 said...

wow , not bad ordy. PTL. he must be the 绝世好男子.

Friday, August 25, 2006 11:59:00 AM  

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