Friday, August 11, 2006

Steamboat Personality Test

I heard of many type of personality test but this is kind of weird. I tried it out and i thought you might want to try it as well :)

By the way, I am of type C.

What kind of season will you enjoy eating steamboat?

A. Winter ( Goto Qn 2 )

B. Summer ( Goto Qn 5 )

C. No matter what season ( Goto Qn 1 )

1. Do you like to have some sauce on your food?

A. Like ( Goto Qn 2 )

B. Don't like ( Goto Qn 5 )

2. Will you add eggs in your steamboat soup?

A. Yes ( Goto Qn 3 )

B. No ( Goto Qn 6 )

3. If you find a cigarette butt in ur steamboat food, what will you do?

A. Quarrel with the boss and request another new one. ( Goto Qn 13 )

B. Stop eating and just pay and go. ( Goto Qn 10 )

4. What is the main point you will consider for choosing a steamboat restaurant?

A. Famous ( Goto Qn 7 )

B. Reasonable prices ( Goto Qn 8 )

5. If the steamboat restaurant has a new product of steamboat, will you dare to try?

A. Yes ( Goto Qn 6 )

B. No ( Goto Qn 8 )

6. How many people do you like to have your steamboat meal with?

A. 2-3 soul mates ( Goto Qn 9 )

B. A big group of friends ( Goto Qn 3 )

7. If the steamboat restaurant is very crowded, will you wait for a seat or go to another place?

A. Wait ( Goto Qn 11 )

B. Proceed to another one ( Goto Qn 12 )

8. What kind of food you like to add?

A. Noodle ( Goto Qn 9 )

B. Vermicilli "Tang hoon" ( Goto Qn 7 )

9. Will you drink the soup first or finish all the ingredients in the bowl then drink the soup?

A. Drink the soup first ( Goto Qn 10 )

B. Eat the ingredients first ( Goto Qn 12 )

10. If the boss tells you that you must add some SPECIAL and ODD ingredient in the soup to make it more delicious, will you dare to add?

A. Yes ( Goto Qn 17 )

B. No ( Goto Qn 13 )

11. Will you drink a cup of cooling water after you finish this steamy hot meal?

A. Yes ( Goto Qn 15 )

B. No ( Goto Qn 14 )

12. When you are having your steamboat, do you put in your meat first or put in later?

A. Put it once the steamb oat start ( Goto Qn 15 )

B. Later part then put ( Goto Qn 11 )

13. Do you like to put all types of food at one go into the steamboat or have it put in one type by one type?

A. All ( Goto Qn 17 )

B. One type at a time ( Goto Qn 16 )

14. What drink will you like to go with your meal?

A. Oolong Tea ( Goto Qn 16 )

B. Plum juice ( You are Type A )

15. Do you like to have steamboat at home or outside?

A. Home ( Goto Qn 16 )

B. Outside ( Goto Qn 14 )

16. Will you mind if another customer is standing behind you, waiting for you while you are finishing your food?

A. Mind ( You are Type B )

B. Don't mind ( You are Type C )

17. You are already very full with your meal but the boss offer to let you have another steamboat meal, will you eat it?

A. Yes ( You are Type D )

B. No ( Goto Qn 16 )




Shy, a bit of an introvert. You are more stubborn and like to stay alone quietly at home. To you, talking to strangers is a hard thing so you have not much friends. But you will still have some soulmates. You need to treasure people who care and love you. You are more interested in your own matters, you will try your very best to achieve your target. But you can't do everything alone, and just depend on yourself, learn to open up and accept other opinions. Try to get along with different people.


You are a more active person, drawing a clear line between happiness and unhappiness. You are more quick-tempered. If you encounter things you like, you will do it without second thought. But once you encounter things that you hate, you will wish to get out of it as soon as possible. As you are a person of your own views, the friends you tend to have will be of the same pattern. But once good friends, you will understand them a lot and go all the way to help then. Friends are very dependent on you. As you are too emotional, you may make a storm out of a teacup with your friends. You must learn to do things in order and not give up easily. You can try making friends with those you don't think you can get along with, don't stick with the same category. This will make you more popular and charming.


Gentle like a lamb. You have a high level of adaptance power, easy to get along with people. Very popular in social life but seems that no one will talk bad about you. You hate to have conflicts with people so you always try to adapt to everyone. You treat every person differently. To look at the bright side, you adapt easily. But to look at the dark side, you lack of character, although you are one big nice guy but you lack of charm. On the surface, you have a lot of friends but once you have troubles, you lack of soulmates to help you around. You must try to express yourself more and be more decisive. In this way, you can understand yourself more.


You are stubborn, like to go in circles and don't get to the point. Once you decide on something, no one can change your mind. You are a good leader in a group so you win a lot of trust from your friends. But as you are too persistent on your own thinking, you neglect other people's suggestions therefore you can easily make enemies. Although it is good to maintain your own character but it doesn't mean you totally ignore other people's thoughts and feelings. You will let people think you are hard to handle and you will lose friends gradually and may end up alone. You need to learn to accept other people's opinion. This will make your social circle bigger and you will understand yourself better.


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