Thursday, August 03, 2006

What do u want to do

Inspired by our friends Edmund and Don, who had found their dreams.

Is there something you've always wanted to do/try, but know you'll probably never get the chance? This is my lists ......

(1) Owner of a computer shop/internet cafe
Fxing up and assemble a PC is not a problem to me. I love to play around with hardwares/software. Or Maybe co-own a cozy cafe......where computer game lovers can play game; blogger can chitchat/msn/blog and have a nice kopi (with muffins).

( 2 ) Comedian actor
I know this sounds crazy but If I am handsome or thick skin enough I will have tried it out nong nong ago.

(3) Gospel singer
Yes , if call by God. I will mostly sing Cantonese and Chinese songs. Like those songs presented in mandarin services. Something like林义忠 style and then later give alter call.

... And perhaps one day I just might give one of them a shot!

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